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Fireside Insights was founded as a blog in 2016 under the name Industry Fireside, where our goal was to help professionals land the job of their dreams. We changed our name to Fireside Insights in 2017 with our relaunch, and expanded our content to reach entrepreneurs. Shortly after our relaunch we began receiving an influx of inquiries from readers seeking our expertise to help them reach their career goals: from resume reviews for individuals, to business planning for companies. 

Today, our motto reflects our expansion: igniting success across industries. Fireside Insights has grown to be a business solutions firm that offers operations management and strategic advising to established corporations and entrepreneurs. Our full suite of capabilities and coaching bridges the gap between companies looking to outsource core business functions and vetted entrepreneurs looking to engage in meaningful work.

Our team members have worked in business operations and consulting for successful companies such as CVS Health, GfK (now Ipsos), Kiehl's, Steward Healthcare Network, Boston Public Schools, and the University of  Illinois at Chicago.


Gearing our clients for success by understanding what makes them unique, helping them understand their niche, and developing tailored, evidence-based solutions to address their needs.


Industry Expertise. 

Driving value for each of our clients to establish ourselves as industry experts.


Continuous Growth.

Keeping our pulse on the market to help our clients grow.

Progressive Partnerships.

To become a progressive partner for all clients and help facilitate meaningful relationships throughout the industry.


Put Clients First

Be Accountable

Deliver Results

Work with Integrity

Strive for Excellence

Make Informed Decisions

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