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Fireside Insiders

Self Starters: Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses 

Who Are They?

The self-starters we work with are entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who are looking to grow and scale their businesses and increase their client base.


What Do They Do?

The career professionals we work with come from different educational backgrounds and are at various stages of their careers, but they have one thing in common: their drive to be successful in the work they do. 

  • Retail

  • Community organizations

  • Public relations

  • Digital health

  • Health and wellness

  • Food service industry

  • Finance

How Do We Help?

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each of our clients, which vary depending on their industry, customer or client base, as well as what stage they are in their business life cycle. It is typical for our Self Starters to take advantage of the following services:


We take a holistic approach to start-up advising. We provide coaching to empower the individual while also building a tactical plan that can help our Fireside Insiders meet their business goals.  Staying motivated as an entrepreneur is hard work, so we’re here to push and build our Insiders even when the going gets tough.

Contact us.


From crafting press releases to targeted media placement, we help our Fireside Insiders get the word out about their businesses and while building and protecting their brand name with consumers. Contact us.


One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is landing the first client. Brand recognition and consistency are key. We help our Insiders build their brand recognition and convert that recognition into sales. Contact us.


Through our robust network, we help our Self Starters find their next project in their area of expertise. Contact us.


Brands need a home. While brick and mortar offices are the typical “home” for most businesses, the world is going digital. We build a digital home for our Fireside Insiders so that their business doesn’t stop when they leave the office. Contact us.


The daily business operations can be cumbersome. While growing a social media following is a necessity for the long-term success of a well branded business, it can take valuable time away from the more important tasks of a Self Starter. We take on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter media management for our Insiders so that they can make the most of their time. Contact us. 

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