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21 Questions to Ask During an Interview

When the interviewer invites questions at the end of an interview, it is important to optimize this time. Asking the right questions can be a great opportunity to showcase your interest as well as to determine if the company is a good fit for your professional goals. To help you out, we have compiled these questions to keep the conversation going.

 Company Culture

  1. How would you describe the company culture?

  2. If you had to describe Company X in one word, what would it be?

  3. How is your team organized?

  4. Is the work that you do more collaborative or individually-driven?

  5. What does the company do to foster corporate synergy?


Employee Experience 

  1. What type of work were you doing before you came to Company X?

  2. How long have you been with the company?

  3. What is the average tenure of an employee here?

  4. What is a typical day like for you?

  5. What employee development opportunities are offered?

  6. What are some of the key challenges the company is facing? How do these challenges impact the department?

  7. What do you like best about working for the company?

  8. How do you measure employee performance and progression


Scope of Work

  1. What team members would I be working most closely with in this role?

  2. Can you explain the daily responsibilities of this role?

  3. What are the current goals of the department (or company)?

  4. What are some examples of projects I would be working on?

  5. What does it take to be successfull in this role?


Next Steps

  1. What are the next steps of the interview process?

  2. Do you have any final questions for me?

  3. Is it okay if I contact you with any questions that may arise after the interview?


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