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4 Tips and Tools to Avoid Procrastinating

As summer winds down and the new school year draws nearer, Fireside Insights wants to share some tools to avoid the inevitable procrastination that happens to everyone. From planning better to banning yourself from checking social media, these tools can help eliminate the distractions and barriers that cause us to put off important tasks. 

Bullet Journal

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If you lack self-control and find yourself constantly checking social media websites, SelfControl blocks your access to a list of websites that you add to a “blacklist.” You can set a period of time to block, and the app will be active even after a computer restart.

iOS Reminders with Location Alerts



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MindTools explores the psychology of procrastination and suggests steps to overcome it. I recommend visiting their article for more strategies to avoid procrastinating.

  1. Step 1: Recognizing that you’re procrastinating

  2. Step 2: Work out why you’re procrastinating

  3. Step 3: Adopt anti-procrastination strategies like:

  4. Aim to “eat an elephant beetle” first thing, every day!

  5. Make up your own rewards.

  6. Instead of overestimating the unpleasantness of a task, give it a try. It may not be as bad as you thought.

  7. Divide the project into smaller, more manageable tasks by creating an action plan.

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