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Being Productive on Your Day Off

It’s understandable that you want for your vacation days to be spent, well…vacationing. However, there are a lot of ways to be productive during your time off work that aren’t mentally taxing. To help you along, we have compiled a list of five ways you can use your time away from the office to your benefit.

  1. Go for coffee. Use the time to grab coffee with a someone in your network- even a former colleague. This will allow you to make and strengthen relationships in a valuable way. Conversations over coffee are a genuine means to learn and network, and are better-received than requests for information over email.

  2. Update your resume. Set aside an hour or so to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. You never know who is watching, and it is important to present your best (and most recent) accomplishments.

  3. Catch up on the news. Life can get busy between work and errands. Use your day off to catch up on the world around you and stay brief yourself on current events. This is valuable for your own personal growth, but will also help you put your job into the context of the real-world.

  4. Explore your city. Living in such a transient world, it is easy to forget to take time to explore. Get to know the city you live in by exploring local museums and small businesses. This will be a fun activity for you, and may prove to be valuable for any client/business interactions you may have in the future.

  5. Create a vision board. As a driven professional, you have goals. Take the time to map out your career and personal goals on a vision board. By creating a visual reminder of your goals, you will be more motivated to accomplish them.


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