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Blogging with Unapologetically Kelly

Kelly Price navigates through life unapologetically herself. Following her graduation from the University of Oklahoma, she traveled the world from Cremona to Israel. Now that she is back in the states, Kelly not only works full-time as a Human Relations Specialist, but is also a professional blogger where she shares her love of traveling, photography, and cultural experiences. Since its creation in October 2016, “Unapologetically Kelly” has garnered a substantial following that appreciates her blog’s candid tone and, consequently, has formed brand partnerships with companies like JORD Watches, DermOrganic, and BootayBag.

During our chat with Kelly, we discussed everything from the logistics of running a successful blog to living authentically.

Tell me about “Unapologetically Kelly”

It’s a lifestyle blog with four categories: inspiration, health and beauty, travel, and lifestyle. My target audience is 18-30 years old, and I feel that in these crucial years, it’s really important that you learn who you are, you’re happy with who you are, and you are unapologetically yourself. Over the past few years I have experienced many positive things but have struggled a lot along the way. I feel that if I had help whether it was mentorship or just someone to talk to, I would have realized sooner that I was not the only one that was going through what I was going through. I didn’t have an outlet, so writing became an outlet when I was in that space. That is why I started my blog- to help people be unapologetically themselves.

How has your life changed since starting your blog?

I have never considered myself to be shy, but I was never overly confident. I have an outgoing personality, but I wasn’t comfortable with who I was. I never realized that until I started writing my blog. [Writing my blog] affects my everyday life because now I reach out to people all the time. I engage with other bloggers, and I interact with companies- not just because I’ve gotten good responses, but because I’m proud of it.

How do you attract people to your blog?

I think a lot of that comes from the content you post. For every positive post that I have, I try to post one piece about a struggle. If you write about how great your life is all the time, people don’t relate to that for two reasons: typically, it’s not authentic, and people don’t have perfect lives. I connect with people through my content by being as honest as I can without exposing too much personal detail. An authentic tone is the most important and unique part about being a blogger.

In terms of actually bringing people to the blog, I use social media. I try to post as much as I can to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to get people to connect with me. I have been shocked by all of the response that I have seen by sharing.

How did “Unapologetically Kelly” secure sponsors?

The first couple of sponsors were from Instagram. They found me through the hashtags I use in my posts. A lot of companies are looking for people to represent and advertise for them, so they will use hashtags to search for anyone who matches what they’re looking for. Others find me once I start representing other products. Instagram is honestly the best and quickest way to get noticed. You can’t be afraid to reach out to companies. After I reached out to them, they sent me products, I posted a couple of pictures, and now we have an ongoing relationship. Another way is to SEO different categories in your niche.

How do you capture the perfect images for your site?

If you have a blog, photos attract your audience. I have a Canon Rebel T5, and I absolutely love it. You also need to have a good eye to capture the right image. You should spend time on social media looking through other photos to get ideas. If you’re a blogger, you need to be able to master a flat lay photo. Find a good back drop, use good lighting. If you use editing tools, brighten your photos and make sure that they’re really clear. My images are what attracts a lot of my traffic.

How do you manage life as a professional blogger and full-time employee?

Honestly, investing in a planner and scheduling my time is the biggest tip I can give. When you start a blog, your drive to do it versus your drive to work are very different. I am actually excited to sit down to blog and engage with other people.

I would also say to use your weekends wisely. I know that people don’t like to wake up early on the weekends, but I get more done during the weekend than I do on any week night. Especially when blogging, you have to plan your contact calendar and your editorial calendar far ahead of time. I plan mine at the beginning of every month so that I waste no time.

Any last words of advice for those thinking about starting their own blog?

Just do it. Don’t waste time thinking that you aren’t ready. Even if you do it and decide that it isn’t for you, you will gain some sort of knowledge along the way. Either way it goes, you will walk away having learned something about yourself.

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