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Don’t Let the Work Stress Get to You: Tips to Help You Unwind After Work

Updated: May 20, 2020

Let’s face it, work can be stressful and sometimes that stress can leads to trouble outside of work. One hard day on the job has the potential to affect our mood, demeanor, and even motivation, leaving little to energy to tackle the reality of life outside of work. Rather than let stress from work cast a cloud over your life, take back your time and rejuvenate your mind with a few tips from the FI team.

  1. Exercise. Release the negative tension and let the endorphins flow instead. Going on a run or hitting the gym can help you find your Zen by filling you with a rush of feel-good hormones. On top of that, you’ll have the added obvious benefit of working towards better health.

  2. Start a diary. Writing in a diary may seem cliché, but it can really help you work through some of the stress in your life. Getting the mal thoughts out of your mind and onto a blank page can be the first step to a clean slate. Writing can help you come to a deeper understanding of your feelings and may lead you to start thinking about ways to work through whatever is causing you to feel stressed.

  3. Yoga. Stretching literally helps relieve tension, and focusing on your breath will help calm you down and bring you to center. Yoga is a great way to focus on yourself and leave the stress or the workday behind you. Plus, the moment of meditation at the end will help you refocus and recharge, leaving you feeling empowered to start the next day.

  4. Phone a friend. Call up a good friend and tell them what you’re going through. Sometimes it helps to have a friendly, familiar voice on the line to tell you everything will be okay. If that doesn’t work, friends are always great source of laughter and entertainment, which will help take your mind off of the hardships of the day.

  5. Take a dive into the arts. Many business-minded folk say the arts aren’t their cup of tea, but engaging in some form of art as a pastime- whether it be music, visual, or other, can can serve as an easy outlet. As a hobby, art can be effortless and fun, and is a creative way to let your mind run free outside of work.

  6. Grab a drink. When all else fails, hit the bar with a couple of coworkers to debrief, breathe, and unwind. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues and will hopefully make going to work the next day that much more bearable.

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