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Fireside Insights Summer of Success: Workshops, Career Fairs, Summits, and More!

The summer is a great time to catch up on networking and continued learning opportunities for your career and professional development. We’ve done the hard work for you by sifting through numerous events across the country that would be just right for all of our FI followers.  This list contains FI-approved summits, workshops, networking opportunities, job fairs, and courses. Check it out!

Atlanta, GA

Trailblazer Business Summit Learn how to increase your brand visibility, productivity, and profitability at this networking event for entrepreneurs. April 29, 2017 Cost: $127

Business and Balance Ladies Re-Launch Networking Event Network with other ladies in the Atlanta area with an element of spirituality. May 9, 2017 Cost: $18

Digital Philanthropy Join this panel discussion to learn about the power of social giving. May 11, 2017 Cost: FREE

Atlanta Startup and Tech Networking Mixer Network with tech and startup professionals while enjoying drinks. May 17, 2017 Cost: $18

United Career Fairs: Atlanta Job Fair Shop around for the perfect career opportunity at this fair featuring small and Fortune 500 companies. May 18, 2017 Cost: FREE

Conversations: The Business of Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging Learn about how to make blogging your business while interacting with Atlanta fashion and tech professionals. May 25, 2017 Cost: Free

Baltimore, MD

Startup Fest 2017 This is an event for startups and students to network and create opportunities. Students will even have the opportunity to give their elevator pitch in the hopes of landing an internship. April 29, 2017 Cost: FREE

Synergy “A Business Networking and Employment Fair” Attend this event to learn about upcoming partnering and subcontracting opportunities with the BWI Airport as well as network with local and state employers who will be hiring on the spot. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

Spark Baltimore Freelancers Meetup: Public Speaking Workshop This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your public speaking skills. May 3, 2017 Cost: FREE

Making the Sale and Bringing in More Business Hosted by the Growth Coach of Greater Baltimore, this event will teach you effective business development skills to drive your business to success. May 4, 2017 Cost: $25

2017 Baltimore Local Small Businesses Expo This event is a great opportunity to become acquainted with local business and network with community members. Small business owners also have the change to showcase their products and services May 7, 2017 Cost: FREE

Branding in Business Brunch Tour Join the the 2nd Annual Branding in Business Brunch DMV to talk branding and business with other professionals, speakers, and authors. July 15, 2017 Cost: FREE

Boston, MA

Biomedical Informatics Entrepreneurs Salon: Jonathan bush, Athenahealth Enjoy pizza while discussing entrepreneurship at the crossroads of biology, medicine, and computers. April 26, 2017 Cost: FREE

Beyond the Exit: How to Plan Ahead and Proceed with Confidence This event is for all who are interested in planning for the future. Learn from an expert speaker who has made a successful career out of wealth management research. May 4, 2017 Cost: FREE

C-Suite Collaboration and the Success of a Data-Driven Enterprise Engage in panel discussions to understand how successful C-suite executives gain and sustain competitive advantage through innovation May 34, 2017 Cost: FREE

Programming for Non-Programmers Learn about website development and programming from one of the founders of Social Sci May 6, 2017 Cost: $250

Healthcare and Human Services Job Fair This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking opportunities in healthcare. May 7, 2017 Cost: FREE

Excel Bootcamp Explore the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel during this one-day workshop. May 13, 2017 Cost: $250

Intro to SEO Learn how to make the best of search engine optimization (SEO). This course is perfect for bloggers. June 26, 2017 Cost: $75

After 5 Social: Dinner Cruise Have a blast networking on a boat over dinner, drinks, and dance. July 11, 2017 Cost: $30

Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Compensation and Benefits Package This workshop will help you understand and optimize your professional benefits package. July 12, 2017 Cost: $45

Chicago, IL

Business Loans and Business Law Tips for Business Owners Attend this event to learn about small business loans and mistakes to avoid as a small business owner. April 24, 2017 Cost: FREE

Black Women in Science and Engineering Presents…”Careers and Conversations” with Melvin Flowers  Come and learn about the emerging field of blockchain in this educational workshop. April 29, 2017 Cost: FREE

Career Shift Crash Course This workshop will teach recent graduates and young professionals how to tailor their professional resume and ace interviews. May 13, 2017 Cost: $210

Productivity at Work and on the Go Learn tips and tricks of being productive at work and beyond from industry leaders. May 16, 2017 Cost: FREE

Talk Data to Me Learn how to leverage data to drive success with industry thought-leaders. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

How to Leverage Volunteering This event will teach you how to make the best of volunteer opportunities while networking. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

CEO Visions and Cocktails Create a vision board to expand your business and visualize success during this relaxing networking atmosphere. May 12, 2017 Cost: $45

Black Economic Advancement Conference Come network and learn from guest lecturers over refreshments while attending business workshops and business discussions. June 10, 2017 Cost: FREE

DIA Drug Development and Life Sciences Career Fair Network and probe career opportunities in healthcare consulting and life sciences roles. June 18-19, 2017 Cost: FREE

Cleveland, OH

Wine Women and Wealth This is a networking event hosted by the Ladies of Transmerica for women meet in a supportive environment. You will also have the opportunity to pitch your business by making a small donation. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

Dr. Kirsten Ellenbogen – Transforming Education in the 21st Century Come listen to Dr. Kristen Ellenbogen, PhD, President and CEO of the Great Lakes Science Center speak about transforming education and building smart communities. May 5, 2017 Cost: FREE

“Get Your House in Order” Health and Wellness Reception Chat about health, wellness, and everyday finances while enjoying yummy food and inspiring speakers. May 6, 2017 Cost: FREE

Cleveland Career Fair This career fair is as great way to learn about small businesses and Fortune 500 companies that are hiring in the Cleveland area. There are opportunities for entry-level seekers and executive-level employees alike. May 10, 2017 Cost: FREE

Networking in a Jar Network while preparing your very own mason jar salad during this event. May 10, 2017 Cost: $15

Tech Elevator Open House Come and learn about tech careers and speak with industry experts about upcoming coding events and how to land the perfect opportunity. May 13, 2017 Cost: FREE

Non-Profit Summit This interactive event will feature speakers from the Cleveland Foundation and Leadership Geauga to talk about innovative problems solving and leadership. May 24, 2017 Cost: FREE

Caffeinated Ideas – in Cooperation with Braintree Business Development Center Attend this think-tank event to brainstorm and test drive ideas with other business owners, mentors, and small business professionals. June 13, 2017 Cost: FREE

Black professionals Leadership Speaker Series- Carole F. Hoover Although hosted by the Black Professional Charitable Foundation, this is an inclusive event that will focus on how niche businesses grow to take over an industry. July 18, 2017 Cost: $20

Dallas, TX

Effective Networking for Small Business Owners Learn how to create a business strategy and expand your business. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

Behance Creative Portfolio Review This is the perfect opportunity to have your creative portfolio reviewed by local professionals and other creative individuals in the Dallas area. May 11, 2017 Cost: FREE

The Regional Career Entrepreneurial Expo and Events Career Fair Learn about local career opportunities. April 28, 2017 Cost: FREE

Leader Her Empowerment and Mentor Summit Network with industry mentors and experts and engage in talks that will help you understand essential business skills such as salary negotiation and self-empowerment. May 13, 2017 Cost: $30

Conscious Capitalism: Redefining Capitalism in the 21st Century Enjoy free bites and drinks while learning from key business stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment. May 17, 2017 Cost: FREE

Starting a New Business Workshop 1 on 1 with #IamMyBrandyByMonica Business Coach This workshop is an opportunity for female entrepreneurs to capitalize on their passions, expand their business, and create a business checklist. Attendees will also receive business coaches. June 17, 2017 Cost: FREE

Real Estate and Business Influencer Event This is an event for real estate professionals to trade tips and tricks with interactive teaching experiences and live entertainment. August 28, 2017 Cost: FREE

Denver, CO

Coast-to-Coast Career Fairs: Denver Job Fair This is a one-day hiring event for job seekers to meet with employers. May 1, 2017 Cost: FREE

An Evening of Data Science, Star Wars, and Tacos with SendGrind and NVIDIA Eat tacos while networking with data scientists and learning about how to make actionable decisions with data. May 4, 2017 Cost: Free

Inside the Minds of Brilliant Designers This event is a great time to network and about user experience (UX) and and design from professionals. May 8, 2017 Cost: FREE

The Future of Media + Technology Network with local entrepreneurs and learn about the future of journalism, advertising, and the role technology plays in each. May 9, 2017 Cost: FREE

Denver Startup and Tech Networking Mixer Entrepreneurs and tech professionals gather to network and make meaningful connections. May 17, 2017 Cost: $18

New Ideas to Grow Your Business This is a workshop for business owners, managers, and salespeople to learn effective business strategies including growing online revenues, optimizing social media, and hosting successful events. May 17, 2017 Cost: FREE

Get Your Sh*t Together Get your finances together by learning how to improve your credit score and budget properly. May 22, 2017 Cost: FREE

Digital Marketing Course: Social Media 101 This event will teach the fundamentals of popular social media platforms and how to properly optimize them to grow your business and/or professional network. May 23, 2017 Cost: $10

Intro to Adobe Photoshop Become acquainted with Photoshop with this 3-hour course. June 12, 2017 Cost: FREE

Houston, TX

Effective Networking for Small Business Owners This online event will teach small business owners how to network effectively. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

Mark Struczewski speaking at Business Wellness Networking Lunch and Learn Enjoy lunch while listening to featured speaker Mark Struczewski, author of “How to Overcome Roadblocks on the Path to Your Success” share his experiences and provide valuable learnings. May 10, 2017 Cost: $16

6 Secrets to a Wealth Building Business- Lunch and Learn This is a complimentary lunch and learn and workshop that will help business owners operate their businesses effectively. Topics will include generating revenue, recruiting top talent, and creating a professional legacy. May 18, 2017 Cost: FREE

Miami, FL

Lenders and Leaders on Small Business Development Join this dual panel discussion with industry leaders to learn about forecast and industry trends as well as how to access capital in order to grow your business. May 4, 2017 Cost: FREE

Miami Real Estate Social Come to this social to network with real estate trailblazers and professionals. May 16, 2017 Cost: FREE

Lock and Key: Miami Health Care Business Mixer Network with a wide array of business professionals including clinicians, hospitals, health insurance companies, and other medical personnel. July 20, 2017 Cost: FREE

Milwaukee, WI

Clean Cities Connections: Milwaukee’s Plan to Become a World Class Eco-City This is Wisconsin Clean Cities’ first networking event. Attnd to hear Erick Shambarger, City of Milwaukee’s Director of Sustainability discuss the city’s sustainability plan and green initiatives. May 4, 2017 Cost: FREE

One Little Thing- Health Transformation for the Tortoise and the Hare Learn with other healthcare professionals while listening to impactful keynote speaker, Staci Joy, public author and broadcaster. May 9, 2017 Cost: FREE

New Haven, CT

The Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Challenges in Pricing with Dr. John LaMattina Learn about drug pricing and transparency within the pharmaceutical industry with Dr. LaMattina. April 25, 2017 Cost: FREE

Hops and Influence: Business Networking and Craft Beer Bottle Share This is a BYOB event where local professionals and business owners bond over beer and appetizers. May 16, 2017 Cost: FREE

Your Success Story: The Millennial Meetup Join other young entrepreneurs to build meaningful connections and learn about new educational and business tools May 16, 2017 Cost: FREE

New Orleans, LA

Talent Career Fairs Attend this free career event to network with hiring companies and pitch why you would be a great candidate. April 27, 2017 Cost: FREE

Lunch Like a Pro Join networking lunch event hosted by Boomers Lifestyle Network to meet with other business-minded professionals and listen to an empowering speaker. May 5, 2017 Cost: FREE

New York, NY

Launch a Creative Career: Expert Business Tactics for Artists HarperCollins Publishers is partnering with General Assembly to help artists improve key business skills. April 20, 2017 Cost: FREE

Brunchwork at General Assembly Attend this brunch for the change to eat fresh food while networking with industry leaders and other young professionals. April 23, 2017 Cost: $35

The Candid Entrepreneur Presents: the Political Entrepreneur Join a conversation with local innovators and entrepreneurs to discuss the influence politics plays in the success of startups. May 3, 2017 Cost: $10

SpeakAtYourPrime- Crush Fears of Public Speaking This is a TED Talk geared to help you find your public speaking voice, and perfect the art o public speaking. May 9, 2017 Cost: FREE

Beyond Budgeting: How to Put Together a Financial Plan You’ll Actually Use Learn the five stages of financial planning and how to make the most of your money. May 16, 2017 Cost: FREE

Wealth Seminar in NYC This event was designed to help you learn how to make an income by investing time into your passions. May 27, 2017 Cost: $20

Founders Club Hosted by Rubicon Venture Capital and White Star Capital, come network with entrepreneurs and other New York professionals over snacks and drinks on a rooftop overlooking the city. June 8, 2017 Cost: $15

NYC’s Biggest Business, Tech, and Entrepreneur Professional Networking Soiree Join other local professionals for this networking opportunity. June 27, 2017 Cost: FREE

NYC Bash by FindSpark This is a casual networking opportunity for young professionals of all fields who are looking to make their mark. July 12, 2017 Cost: FREE

Los Angeles, CA

The Write Stuff: Creating Blog Content that Connects and Converts Bloggers should attend this workshop to learn how to reach more users with their content. April 18, 2017 Cost: $35

Let’s Talk Tech: A Conversation w/ LA Startup CTOs This event is a great opportunity to network with leading chief technology officers in LA. April 24, 2017 Cost: FREE

ZipRecruiter Hackathon This event is for anyone with an idea to improve the job hunting strategies with leading recruitment site, ZipRecruiter. May 6-7, 2017 Cost: FREE

Facebook Advertising Bootcamp Learn about how to optimize Facebook ads and use insights to make the most of your content. June 3, 2017 Cost: $80

Coffee and Networking This event is for networking newbies to learn tricks of the trade from expert Dale Conjurski. June 8, 2017 Cost: FREE

Coast-to-Coast Career Fairs: Los Angeles Job Fair Interview on the spot and explore various career opportunities at this career fair. July 18, 2017 Cost: FREE

Philadelphia, PA

Eat and drink while enjoying the work of graduating illustration students in an event where Wendy MacNaughton, NYT best-selling illustrator, will be the keynote speaker. May 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Speed Coaching: Lehigh Valley If you are a food, beverage or craft brewing business owner, this is a great opportunity to received free consulting from Sam Adams’ experts on topics such as business finance, sales and distribution, legal advice, and much more. May 8, 2017 Cost: FREE

Career Open House: Ladies Love Finance Learn about a career in the financial services industry over a cup of coffee. May 12, 2017 Cost: FREE

Lunch and Learn: What’s All the Hype? Let’s Find Out Learn about the newest and most innovative technologies and why they are so successful. May 12, 2017 Cost: FREE

Panel Discussion: Scaling Your Business for Success Turn your business vision into a long-term  plan for success while eating breakfast at this panel discussion. May 16, 2017 Cost: FREE

Regional Career Entrepreneurial Expo and Events This event is for any and everyone seeking their next career opportunity. Employers will be on site scouting the perfect candidates to join their teams. June 2, 2017 Cost: FREE

Healthcare Job Fair 2017 This is the perfect event for healthcare practitioners that are looking for their next opportunity to make a difference. June 7, 2017 Cost: FREE

Seattle, WA

Time Management for Freelancers Learn how to make the most of your career as a freelancer while juggling competing priorities. April 24, 2017 Cost: FREE

Improv for Business Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration This interactive workshop will teach you how to use improve to be successful in the business world. April 27, 2017 Cost: FREE

Five Simple Rules of Smart Investing This event is for all individuals interested in investing to learn smart habits from well-established investors. May 8, 2017 Cost: Free

Tech and Design Networking Breakfast Network with other techies and industry leaders over breakfast, followed by a formal presentation about machine learning. May 12, 2017 Cost: FREE

Startup Storytellers: Greatest Mistakes and Lessons Learned Learn about the reality of launching your own startup with leaders of successful companies. May 24, 2017 Cost: FREE

Made in Seattle Week: Tech Day Learn about trends in virtual reality and technology during this interactive workshop with excellent guest speakers. June 5, 2017 Cost: FREE

Washington DC

Women in Tech Breakfast Attend this interactive breakfast to meet other women in the tech field and learn from expert panelists. April 25, 2017 (recurring event) Cost: FREE

Design Your Dream Job Learn how to search for the right career opportunity or create your own. May 1, 2017 Cost: $35

Diversity in Tech Chat about diversity in the tech industry. May 9, 2017 Cost: FREE

Capital Pathways- Washington DC This event is hosted by the U.S Black Chambers Community Economic Development Corporation and is an opportunity for minority and women entrepreneurs to learn about commercial lending, investing, and credit. June 14-15, 2017 Cost: FREE


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