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Sites to Kickstart Your Job or Internship Search

Searching for an internship can be a job in and of itself. In this day and age, successful applicants reach beyond their computer screens and make use of their professional networks to land the perfect position. However, many searches start on the web. Here we have compiled a list of a few accurate and easy-to-use websites to help you launch your job or internship search:


In addition to the typical job an internship posts, Glassdoor allows you to view a company’s salaries for positions of interest and employee-written reviews.

In addition to paid job and internship, Idealist has numerous listings for volunteer opportunities.


Indeed is widely used for customary job searches, but many are not aware that they also have listings for several internships. allows applicants to filter listings by college major, location, and company. Most listings on this site are suitable for college students and entry-level applicants. Additionally, the “Internship Predictor” feature recommends keywords to use when searching online for internships.


This is a site that will allow you to search for jobs and internships based on your interests. Like LinkedIn, you can also create a profile similar to a CV for potential employers to view.


If you have not done so already, you can use LinkedIn not only as your go-to professional networking site, but also as an effective tool to help you search for the perfect opportunity by allowing you to showcase your resume and accomplishments.

Your College/University Career Services Site

Most colleges and universities post internship opportunities especially for their students. These sites serve as a great resource as they typically have strong alumni connections and a streamlined applicant pool.


ZipRecruiter is a site that allows you to apply to jobs and internships with a single click. You can also download your resume so that recruiters can reach you directly about jobs that align with your skill set.


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