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Stop Competing and Start Collaborating: Why Entrepreneurs Should Work Together

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. The long nights and endless list of priorities can be daunting, especially in the beginning. Many entrepreneurs in this predicament overlook one obvious resource that can help lead them to success: other entrepreneurs. It’s instinctual to feel the need to compete with others, after all, you want to be the biggest and the best. However, once you push past this urge and focus your energy on developing yourself and your brand, you will find that teaming up with other entrepreneurs will serve you more than isolating yourself from them. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a great opportunity to network. By collaborating with other entrepreneurs, you are simultaneously building a solid network of driven individuals. This will become especially beneficial when you are a seeking a mentor or even just general assistance.

  2.  You will uncover new tools and tricks. Working with other entrepreneurs means learning new things that could be beneficial to your business. By collaborating, you will come to learn about new resources and useful hacks.

  3. It teaches you how other entrepreneurs think. Learning how other entrepreneurs think is especially important because it will help you see your own business through a different lens. This will allow you to perceive your product or service through the eyes of different consumers, thus strengthening your brand and how you reach your target audience.

  4. It will help you uncover hidden opportunities. It’s possible that there is an untapped market you are missing out on, or that you are unaware of a technique that could drive you to greater success. Working with other entrepreneurs will uncover many business opportunities simply by understanding what they do and how they do it.

  5. It’s an opportunity to gain insight into a different industry. This is huge. In order to understand consumers you have to understand their priorities, how they interact within different marketplaces, and ultimately how you align with their priorities. By understanding this, you will be able to develop a marketing technique that works.

  6. Other entrepreneurs feel your pain. It’s no secret that starting your own business can be extremely isolating. Having a network of other entrepreneurs who may be experiencing similar hardships can help get you through difficult days.

  7. It will push you to hold yourself accountable. Knowing that other people are on their game will push you to be on top of yours as well. By surrounding yourself with motivated individuals, you will be motivated to keep going, even when the going gets tough. If others can do it, you can too.

  8. It’s mutually beneficial. Collaborating provides the opportunity to gain just as much as you give. Learn from others while simultaneously sharing your experiences.


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