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The Fireside Story


Fireside Insights is a business strategy consultancy specializing in brand visibility and strategic advisory services. We ignite success for our clients by identifying their unique value proposition, understanding their needs, and developing tailored, evidence-based solutions to help them accomplish their goals.



Put Clients First

Be Accountable


Deliver Results


Work with Integrity

Strive for Excellence

Make Informed Decisions

Led by
Jocelyn M. Reaves

Jocelyn M. Reaves is a healthcare executive turned business strategist who has extensive experience in strategic operations, marketing, and data + analytics. Throughout her career, she's worked with a diverse range of large companies and small businesses with the ultimate mission of bringing their vision to the forefront and driving results.


Jocelyn's goal is to help people actualize their potential in business and in life. Her work in business strategy is a reflection of her commitment to helping individuals and brands embrace their identity and show up authentically while realizing results.


Jocelyn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Cellular Biology from Connecticut College and a Master of Public Health from Boston University.

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