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Fireside Insiders

Small Businesses

Who Are They?

The companies we partner with are looking to work smarter--not harder, and know when it’s time to outsource key business functions.


What Do They Do?

Our business portfolio is diverse, and the work our partners do is meaningful and impactful. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Academia

  • Advisory Services

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare 

  • Health and Wellness

  • Insurance

  • Life Sciences

  • Public Relations

  • Retail

How Do We Help?

Our corporate business partners consult us for various projects. We offer the detail and attention that only a small business can provide, with performance outcomes far exceeding those of large business consulting firms. Our robust suite of capabilities include the following services:


We engage in evidence-based research supported by detailed data aggregation and analysis to drive compelling outcomes for our partners. Contact us.


Organizational change is hard, but there are proven strategies that can alleviate some of the burdens and frustrations that come with changing leadership, up- or downscaling, and company reorgs. We help our partners through this challenging time with methods that are tailored to their company and culture. Contact us.



One of our core values is making informed decisions. We deliver meaningful strategic insights and advise our clients based on primary and secondary research so that they can develop a successful roadmap for  any key decision. Contact us.


Planning ahead, maintaining accountability, and reporting on progress are essential for any scope of work to be completed efficiently and effectively. We help organizations manage large scopes of work across various projects and inter-departmental teams. Contact us.


Informed with a detailed understanding of our partners’ current financial status and structure and their future business goals and objectives, we take a smart approach to building budgets and economic models.

Contact us.


We help our partners manage their brand and reputation with stakeholders by facilitating meaningful interactions through social media, developing press releases and gaining traction with the press, and fostering meaningful connections. Contact us.

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