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How to Lose a Job in 10 Days

Getting a job isn’t easy, but losing a job certainly can be. Avoid these ten mistakes in the workplace.

  1. Tardiness. Repeat tardiness is a red flag and may send off the signal that your job is not a top priority.

  2. Slacking. Not keeping up with your work is a dangerous predicament, and can call your motivation into question. If you are feeling too bogged down to keep up, make sure to speak up to your manager; that’s a far better alternative than falling behind.

  3. Improper use of technology. Using your work email, computer, or cell phone inappropriately may be grounds for termination at some companies. Be sure to learn about your job’s terms of use!

  4. Stealing. This usually goes without saying, but stealing from your employer is almost always grounds for termination. However, it happens more often than you may think!

  5. Timesheets. Being dishonest on your timesheet (i.e. saying that you are working when you are not) may be considered theft and is not well-received.

  6. Social media. Some companies have rules regulating employees use of social media. Even if this is not the case at your company, you will want to be cautious not to air your grievances about your job on public platforms that may be visible to your colleagues.

  7. Resume tales. Once hired, it is easy to determine whether an employee has the skills they claimed to have on their resume. When it comes to your resume, honesty is the best policy.

  8. Gossip. Be careful who you bad mouth (or who you bad mouth to). Saying things to or about the wrong person can get you into big trouble. When at work, it’s best to keep the conversations professional.

  9. Insubordination. While voicing your opinion is usually encouraged, blatant disregard of your boss’s orders isn’t likely to go over quite as well.

  10. Budget cuts. It’s not always your fault. Sometimes companies are working against the bottom-line and have to let valuable team members go for reasons beyond their control.


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