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NEWS BRIEF: Week of April 10, 2017

Catch up on current events with these news highlights from last week.


The founder of the smartphone-based language learning app discusses common trends among the 150 million users who use Duolingo. A study conducted by the City University of New York claims that “34 hours on Duolingo is equivalent to a university semester of language classes,” so pull up the free app and start learning languages like Swahili and German!

UK- based global law firm Allen & Overy launched a new initiative, Fuse, with IT companies to develop new products and solutions that integrate “legal, IT, and resource management expertise.” The accelerator-esque effort will bring in 60 entrepreneurs from startups focused on legaltech, technology that supports legal advice; regtech, IT to support regulatory compliance; and dealtech, IT that streamlines deal making.


The future of Social Security benefits remains uncertain, so the forward-looking millennial should examine all options for retirement. Besides taking advantage of a corporate match in your employer’s 401(k), a Roth IRA is another retirement account worthy of your attention.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims sleeplessness a public health concern because of its deleterious consequences on the immune system, learning and memory, and mental health. “Sleep entrepreneurs” are addressing this issue with innovative solutions like the Dreem headband, the Re-Timer goggles that aims to reset your circadian rhythm, and the online sleep coach Sleepio.


After the U.S. commenced an airstrike on Syria, many wonder if it signals the beginning of another American war in the Middle East. This article summarizes the “how the civil war began, how it evolved, when US foes like Russia got involved, what two American presidents have been willing to do — and what happens next.”


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