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NEWS BRIEF: Week of April 17, 2017

Catch up on current events with these news highlights from last week.


Concerned about the rise of Airbnb, the American Hotel and Lodging Association launched two campaigns on the local, state, and federal level against the short-term rental company. First, three senators asked for an investigation into how companies like Airbnb affect soaring housing costs.” Second, “in October, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York signed a bill imposing steep fines on Airbnb hosts who break local housing rules.”


“Running may be the single most effective exercise to increase life expectancy, according to a new review and analysis of past research about exercise and premature death. The new study found that, compared to nonrunners, runners tended to live about three additional years, even if they run slowly or sporadically and smoke, drink or are overweight.”


“All western governments oppose anti-Semitism. Yet the old hatred continues. How toxic is it? And are recent eruptions of anti-Semitism expressions of momentary irritation, misunderstanding, or plain ignorance?”


Tesla continues to vertically scale its manufacturing chain and expand its product portfolio with the construction of its Gigafactory and a new electric pickup truck and Tesla Semi. The Gigafactory will be the largest building in the world and is where Tesla will build lithium-ion batteries for its cars. The Tesla Semi “will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate,” says Elon Musk in his second “master plan.”


A referendum that “grants sweeping new powers to the president of Turkey” succeeded early this morning and has triggered protests demanding for a recount. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s supporters, on the other hand, celebrated the decision that could “keep him in office until 2029.” Learn why Turkey is polarized over this decision.


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